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  • Posted on Jan 7, 2019

Vitas Hair Studio – Sew In Hair Weave Specialist

In certain cultures and even religions, a woman’s hair is considered her crown of glory, her pride even and when it starts to deteriorate due to ailments or certain conditions, it often feels like she’s losing something really valuable. But often times we may not have control over how our body reacts or fights back to certain foreign bodies and other times we lose our hair to it, but what we can control is how we look and appear thereof. This is what Vitas Hair Studio is all about, giving women a second chance at beauty even when they don’t feel beautiful themselves. This is because we feel every woman is a crown jewel and should look and feel the part.

Now let’s take Hair Loss Hair Weaving for example. This involves weaving the damaged or deteriorated natural hair in a way that can be used as the foundation for some other thing. Like the installation of a wig or hair extension. This type of hair has patches and even gaps and at Vitas hair studio, we will make you forget that you’re suffering from hair loss, once we’re done weaving or installing the wig, you will look as beautiful as ever and no one would ever think that you have hair loss. Also, it’s not just any type of wig or hair extension that’ll be installed, it’s Vitas hair signature lace closures and lace frontals which will give you that flawless, multi-part sew-in weave.

Alopecia and Medical hair loss

For our beautiful clients suffering from medical hair loss and Alopecia, we have something more intense for you. Now, this is called our Extreme Length Enhancements. This particular product is a hundred percent human hair. It is soft, lustrous and can be styled differently. It has several methods of attachment and installation and it can go up to 32 inches and even beyond. This is not all we have in store for these clients, as we offer advanced yet non-surgical options for them through our very high-quality hair pieces, weaves, wigs and extensions that are made with premium human hair. Lastly, medical hair loss doesn’t necessarily mean losing your entire hair, sometimes there is enough hair left and at Vitas hair studio we will work with what you have. 

Premium Human Hair Weaving

Our premium hair weaving specialty involves hair weaving that may involve making lace frontals and closures for various types of sew-ins which have multiple parting and are equally flawless. This gives the clients the balance they need to go through their day with their heads up. Our premium human hair weaving is made from 100% human hair and all materials and products used in its making are from natural and organic ingredients which helps in stimulating hair growth.

We do this and more as a means to restore the beauty, confidence, and joy of the woman. We know everything the average woman has to go through especially in today’s society and if we can help then smile or feel more confident in themselves once they walk out our doors, then we’ve given them hope, we’ve given them strength to go through their day feeling like royalty, despite everything they’ve been through and what the world throws their way.

Vita, our founder is a creative director and has been following her passion for hair artistry for almost 3 decades. She is a licensed Senior Cosmetologist, certified in hair replacement and advanced hair loss and specializes in hair growth and human hair enhancements. Our dream is to give women who have suffered or are suffering from hair degenerative illnesses a chance to have a choice. Our hair pieces are very diverse in style, color and texture thus giving women who originally didn’t have a choice, options to choose from. Seek the best, seek Vitas hair studio for all of your Premium Hair Weaving and Hair Enhancement needs.

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