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Are you looking to change the style of your hair to something more dynamic or exciting? Have you always had shorter or scanty hair, and you want to try hair extensions? Do you have problems getting good products for your natural hair? Are you living in Maryland and you are looking for a good salon to work wonders with your hair? Luckily, Vita’s Hair Studio is near you, and we are here to answer all your questions about your hair, ranging from hair extensions, natural hair services, and high-grade hair products that promote hair growth and many more.  

Out of all the salons around Greenbelt, Maryland, we are the most customer service oriented with Organic and natural products that might also be near to your house. The question is how well do you feel you deserve it? Vita’s Hair Salon has professional natural hair stylists, lots of organic hair products used in our salon and available for retail for your hair, and also your hair extensions that will wow you, all at your convenience. 

Vita’s Hair Studio is located at Greenbelt, Maryland. The studio has professionally trained and certified hair extension team members, over 81 colors and custom varied texture hair extensions, which promises a very customized look, and we only use 100% natural human hair for unmatched results. The good thing about all of this is that it is near you. All you have to do is call, and book an appointment. We also have custom packages.  

We are easily accessible, and you can check us online. You will also find lots of positive reviews about our studio. On YouTube, our page has lots of videos of different clients and their hair styles. They are contented and happy with their results, and a lot of them left very positive feedback on Google.

Having over 28 years of experience, we have the highest quality hair materials, including the hair we provide with the service to our customers. Our hair is very natural and realistic. We take pride in the services we offer, and we offer nothing but the best to meet your individual needs. Take note that we do not sell fake hair weave or extensions. 

When you mention Vita’s Hair Studio, you cannot fail to mention our professional team. We have advanced training and certifications in our field. We keep up to date with several trainings various times in a year, both nationally and internationally. We only grow when we learn and are able to give the best to our clients. Education is very important to us.

All our first appointments begin with a personalized consultation. We ensure that our customers are comfortable enough to open up to us about their fears concerning their hair, and how we can help them. We find out their preference, offer them styles that they might prefer, show videos and pictures of hair styles. We answer their questions to the best of our professional ability.

Our hair products are from natural essential ingredients, and in no way includes chemicals that are dangerous for the scalp and hair. We use high end organic products that support your hair and ensure optimum hair growth. Our techniques and trainings also aid us in achieving and aiming for the betterment and growth of your hair.

We offer high quality hair extensions or additions. Our hair is realistic, and luxurious. Many people wonder why it is necessary to wear hair extensions. Below are some of those reasons:

  • Length: Many people have very short hair. Extensions increase the length of your hair, and give you the look you are aspiring for.
  • Clip in hair extensions: While many people might find it a struggle making their hair all the time, clip in extensions do not waste time to fix, and you can rock your style anyhow you want to.
  • Color: Many people want to experiment with colors. Adding extensions to your hair can help with that. You can add a colored hair extension to your hair. 
  • Volume: Most people prefer their hair to look fuller, and not scanty. Adding extensions to your hair can help you achieve that feat. It transfers your hair from thin to thick.
  • Style and Accessory: With hair extensions, you can do any hair style you want with your hair or even accessorize it to look beautiful. 

These are a few reasons why hair extensions are good for your hair. They even boost a woman’s confidence. Hair is beauty, and you can be beautiful, without having to go far. We are near your home and we are the best at what we do.

You have a natural hair, or you want to grow your natural hair, or you just need organic products for your hair, Vita’s Hair Studio will offer you some of the highest grade organic products that you can use. We want to help your hair grow strong and healthy, by giving you the natural look that you want without using toxic or harmful hair products. 

What we can do for you at Vita’s Hair Studio 

We have put together a very professional team that have advanced trainings and certifications, to help you with your hair; whether it is for hair extensions, healthy organic products, to help your hair grow and achieve that full, healthy and natural hair you want. Here is a few of the many services we offer at our salon: 

  • Hair extensions. Enjoy over 81 colors and many varied textures. You want a long hair, want more color, want it fuller, or you just want something different, hair extensions is just right for you. You can add volume and length where you want it. You can change your looks. The hair extensions call also last from four months and up to six months, with proper care. The result will leave you coming back for more. After all, we offer the very best luxury level hair addition.
  • Hair treatments. Getting the most natural, organic, and high quality hair products is our priority for your hair. We make sure that our products do not contain chemicals that are harmful to the growth of your hair. Our hair products support your hair follicles, with essential oils that promote hair growth. 
  • We offer other services apart from hair, like custom hand painting. Our services are not just limited to making hair, but extend to other aspects of the body, like nails.
  • Shampoo, blow dry and style. 
  • Wedding packages. We offer wedding packages just for you. Instead of going miles away for your hair when you have events, you can now make your hair near you. 
  • Fringe Area Shaping. There is always a fringe for every face. Our studio will style it in a suitable way that will suit your face.
  • Designer Haircuts. Our studio offers a designer haircuts.
  • Precision Hair shaping. We can help you quickly remove facial hair at our studio.
  • Brow coloring. Our studio can ensure you get the right color for your eyebrows. natural hair stylist near me
  • Special occasion updo. On special occasions, our studio is the best to visit to make that special occasion hair for you.
  • Color correction. Our studio can help to change the color of your hair by making a correction for you.
  • Press and curl. Our salons offer to press and curling of hair services as well.
  • Full and partial highlights
  • Full and partial lowlights.
  • Round brush. They give your hair the desired effect you want, and we at our salon can offer that.
  • Panel highlights. Some parts of the hair are isolated from coloring, thereby giving it a contrast feel.
  • Natural hair services: We delight in treating our customer’s natural hair properly. Considering we have wide ranging products to make that hair beautiful, and all at your convenience.
  • Multi-dimensional custom hair color. This somewhat complicated, yet creative and exciting way to color your hair is one of the services offered by our team of professionals.
  • Shampoo, silver and style. We have natural hair washing products that cares for your hair, and styling your hair is our joy. 
  • Spiral and Flexi sets. We can do this whether your hair is wet or dry. You do not necessarily need heat for this. 
  • Semi-Permanent Hair. If you love to play with colors, we can try this for you at our salon.
  • Natural Hair twists. We can spice up your looks with twists for your natural hair.
  • Ombre Hair color. We can make the right shade of color for your hair and blend them well.
  • Rollerset with Ceramic finish
  • Cellophane Hair Color. This is similar to semi-permanent coloring of hair, and we can do it for you just right. 
  • Curly and wavy perms
  • Roller wrap. You can get straight hair by wrapping your hair with rollers. It gives the desired effect. 
  • Foiling. Wrapping the base of the hair with foil to give it some highlights.
  • Bayalage. Painting or highlighting hair and giving it a more natural look. 
  • Texturizers. A milder form of relaxers that work with lighter or softer hair.

There are many more services that our store offers you at very high quality. We do not do anything substandard. We also offer premium and sensitive scalp relaxers.


You do not have to settle for any type of hair anymore. You can now choose your preference and do more exciting things with your hair at Vita’s Hair Salon. You can get the best of services and ensure that you have better hair and also have more knowledge about the hair products to use. All this can be done just near your home, and at your convenience. Book an appointment with us now and visit our salon at Vita’s Hair Studio

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