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Vita’s Hair Studio offers to clients with different types of hair loss. Hair loss could be as a result of varying reasons; medical, chemical, biological and physical conditions. Hair loss is more common than you think, affecting 25% of people often resulting in reduced confidence. Therefore, it is important to us at Vitas hair studio to offer a premium solution to hair loss with the use of high quality and safe non surgical hair replacement techniques that are sensitive to the need of clients.

Non surgical hair replacement normally involves a lot of specialization and skill to be able to come up with results that are not only satisfying but are high quality. The best non surgical hair replacement service anyone can get is one that looks natural from the scalp to the hair. Vitas hair studio takes care that all clients gets the best and come out of the salon satisfied with the quality of the services rendered. This is achieved through the help of advanced skill and professionalism, as we also rank high of all hair weave salons.

About Vitas Hair Studio

Vitas hair studio, ranking as one of the best hair weave salons worldwide, is a hair salon located at Greenbelt Maryland that deals with offering the very best hair enhancement solutions to clients. The hair studio is founded by a hair care professional that specializes very well in hair loss treatments. With over 28 years of dedication and advancement in hair replacement Maryland, the salon has grown to become one of the very best around. Applying the acquired knowledge and skill in offering non-surgical hair replacement solutions to clients.

We ensure that everything we use on the client’s hair is 100% natural to the benefit of the clients. Just because you have suffered hair loss does not mean you have to endure low confidence. We make sure that we are sensitive to your hair loss condition at vitas, and from the first time you visit the hair weave salons, you are taken to a hair specialist. This specialist will inspect your hair and make sure to identify your hair loss problem in order to design the best solution for you and your condition.

It is clear that Vitas hair studio is not just one your normal hair weave salons, the quality of work rendered is one that has been built through years of experience and dedication to growth. What really sets Vita’s Hair Studio apart from just any other hair salon in Maryland are; the amount of experience gathered through years in the business, high professionalism when dealing with clients, the quality of products used and experts that offer consultation and solutions.

In addition to Hair Replacement Maryland, Vitas Studio, one of the top hair weave salons also offers spa services, a hair blog and private hair sessions for clients who prefer it. You can book for either of these by contacting us.

What causes hair loss

It is understandable to get worried about hair loss and perhaps burdened by it, even leading to low confidence and often poor choices of hairstyles just to cover it up. But hair loss is more common than you realize, affecting about 25% of people, both men and women. Averagely, hair loss in men happens earlier than they do in women because of their biological build, but apart from the biological factor, there are different reasons why you may be experiencing hair loss.

Genetic hair loss: Your hair loss could be genetic; people often do not realize that their hair loss could be genetic because it may be recessive thereby skipping their parent(s) and affecting them. Hair loss inherited affects both genders alike although more common in men than women.

Hormonal causes: hormonal changes can lead to hair loss in both men and women. For women, periods of high hormonal change like pregnancy and menopause can lead to hair loss.  Sex hormones in men are also an identified cause of hair loss, and often it has no serious medical implications. When this is the case, the baldness is usually genetic and can be spotted in more relatives.

Health conditions: Several health conditions usually have baldness as a symptom; this often starts from the scalp being infected with visible irritation like soreness, scaling, rashes, and itching. These visible irritations then progress to hair root becoming weak and hair strands thinning and eventually falling out causing baldness. Hair loss caused by the medical condition is also a common occurrence as well and affects both men and women alike. This case is usually diagnosed by a doctor who will prescribe solutions to get a more permanent solution to the medical condition while you can visit a cosmetologist in a hair salon to proffer treatment for the hair loss. Some health conditions that lead to hair loss include; Alopecia, scalp infections, lupus, dermatitis, thyroid infections and Trichotillomania.

Medication: Some medications taken when treating more serious health problems have hair loss as a side effect. Medicine taken to treat arthritis, cancer, high BP and different heart conditions can lead to hair loss. In some case, the hair may return after medications have been stopped, but while you wait you can seek non surgical hair replacement options.

Lifestyle: Your lifestyle can affect your hair, for instance, if you have a very stressful lifestyle, it may lead to hair loss starting from the temples. Also, hairstyle choices in the past can have a great effect on the hair. Hair that often pulled too tightly or the use of harsh chemicals on the hair can all lead to hair loss.

The upside to it all is that whatever the cause of hair loss, you can get a solution for it using hair replacement and a good hair care routine.

Why non surgical hair replacement is the best option for you

When you are trying to find a solution for your hair loss, you can decide to either go the surgical route or the non-surgical hair replacement route depends on your preference. However, since hair loss is not a major health condition, it is often advised not to go through surgery for it but rather go with non-surgical hair replacement options.

The disadvantages of using medical surgical hair replacement Maryland procedures to treat hair loss is far greater than that of non surgical hair replacement procedure; they include risks, scarring, high cost and possibility of failure. With all these at han,d you may just conclude that trying to get your hair back through a non-surgical means may just be your best bet.

There are different reasons why you would prefer a non surgical hair replacement for your hair loss and they include:

  • It is a safer alternative than surgery: Since it is a non-surgical process where solutions are designed according to your hair condition, non surgical hair replacement is safer. You are not exposed to health risks and infections and when you choose a premium salon like Vitas hair studio, you get the best treatment. Alternatively, with surgery often come with risks hence it is advisable to avoid it if you can. Surgical hair loss alternative takes a long time for the surgical procedure and it is also prone to risks of surgery as well as cases of transplanted hair not forming strong roots in its new area.
  • You treat your hair while you get non surgical hair replacement: when you go for a consultation before your non surgical hair replacement, your hair loss is studied and you are advised on the best solutions for hair replacement along with a treatment for it. At Vitas hair salon, we make sure that our hair treatment options are all natural so that your scalp is taken care of in the healthiest way possible.
  • You can take it out anytime: you can take out your hair replacement when you want. Normally hair replacements are taken out routinely forthe change of hair styles, to care for the hair itself and so on. What is important is knowing that you are not stuck with your hair replacements and can easily take it out at any time you choose to.
  • The end result: at the end of the day you end up with results that look natural like it was your real hair. To achieve this, Vitas hair salon uses top quality human hair extensions and quality installation processes to achieve a result that looks as natural as possible as many other hair weave salons do not.
  • It is less expensive compared to the surgical alternative: Hair replacement is not as expensive as a surgical hair transplant. Even with top quality services you still get to save some money when you opt for hair replacements.

You can book for your hair replacement appointment in Maryland at any time via the right channels.

Services we offer

As one of the top hair weave salons, our hair replacement Maryland experts involve providing solutions to all our clients. We provide hair replacement to both genders, as long as you are dealing with hair loss.

  • Consultation: when you come to the hair salon, you are first taken to consultation with our hair specialist. This session will involve being asked some questions that will aid the eventual design of a solution for you. After the consultation, a hair care routine that will be beneficial to you as well as your hair replacement that will suit your natural hair characteristics will be offered. Your hair texture, hair density, hair color, scalp condition is some of the things put into consideration
  • Hair replacement Maryland: with hair replacement solutions, we ensure that only natural products are used on your hair. This includes the use of 100% natural hair extensions, natural hair products. We do not use chemical glue on your scalp as we are aware of the health effects. We make use of top notch hair installation methods to give you the best result that looks natural and blends with your real hair.
  • Private hair replacement Maryland private client sessions: for clients who prefer one to one service, we will book you and see you privately. The consultation and the hair replacement sessions are all done privately as per your request.

Why come to us

  • High quality non surgical hair replacement
  • A natural looking solution to your hair loss
  • Top hair weave salons
  • You get a temporary to permanent hair loss solution
  • You get the very best hair replacement Maryland
  • Every service you get at our hair salons are handled professionally
  • You benefit from our 28 years’ experience with hair replacement
  • 100% natural hair solutions
  • Premium hair treatment

In conclusion, there is no need to be burdened with your hair loss when you can get top notch hair replacement Maryland solutions from Vita’s Hair Studio. We have catered to clients from all over the world who have nothing but positive things to say about us.

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