Hair Loss From Cancer & Chemo

  • Posted on Aug 27, 2018
For most women, the loss of their hair is the most traumatic and difficult aspect of chemotherapy. Julia Rowland, Ph.D. at Georgetown University Medical Center, Washington D.C. says, “Looking good despite what we may be going through can help one take control again, and can be a critical component to the healing process by providing powerful psychological benefits”. Rowland also says, “Losing one’s hair is often the first overwhelming confrontation patients have with their illness. Until that point they might have easily hidden their disease from everyone, even themselves”. The experience is emotionally draining especially when coupled with the physical rigors of a new treatment schedule. Studies have shown that a few women have actually refused chemotherapy because of fear of losing their hair! Some women feel a loss of femininity, style, and beauty. Vita’s Hair Studio in Greenbelt, Maryland offers many natural hair enhancement solutions for those experiencing hair loss from Cancer and Chemotherapy.  

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