Hair Extension Services


For over 28 years, Advanced Hair Loss Specialist, Master Human Hair Extensionist, & Senior Cosmetologist Vita has created the most natural custom hair loss solutions for her clients. Vitas Hair Studio is a full service hair loss specialty salon. Vita’s Hair Studio complete with client privacy suites, and being voted as the best hair salon for hair loss services by our clients offers over 35 customized hair loss solutions. At Vita’s Hair Studio, for our custom hair loss hair addition solutions, we only use ethically sourced 100% human hair for precise results. Our handmade 100% human hair wefts and hair extensions are custom blended for each individual client based on hair texture and color at Vitas Hair Studio. All hair textures are matched precisely such as curly, wavy, coarse and straight, including hard to match textures. Our custom 100% human hair extensions are created specifically for those discerning clients seeking only the best in hair extension services.

​At Vita’s Hair Studio we have a variety of custom hair extension options. Vitas Hair Studio has braided and non braided hair weave/extension methods, glueless hair extensions, net hair weaves, hair loss hair weaves, sewn and thread-less hair weave/extensions, glueless hair extensions, single strand fusion hair extensions, flat method hair extensions, micro link hair extensions, and many more. At Vitas Hair Studio we will custom blend any hair color imaginable to complete your hair extension look to a polished and flawless finish. You will be able to pull your hair into chignons, high ponytails and have limitless hair styling options with all that Vitas Hair Studio has to offer.

Vita’s Hair Studio in Greenbelt, Maryland provides hair extension methods you can wear for an extended period of time without tangling, shedding and that looked so natural that no one knew you had hair extensions. Vita’s Hair Studio in Greenbelt provides the best and highest quality hair extensions, guaranteed. For Vitas Hair Studio Signature micro single strand and fusion hair extensions, we use an advanced, award winning technique that is unique to our salon, and even clients with the thinnest and most shortest hair will be able to wear without it being detected.

​At Vita’s Hair Studio in Greenbelt, Maryland, we have cozy private client suites in our boutique hair spa for your hair extension services. The professional atmosphere at Vitas Hair Studio gives clients the ultimate experience in client pampering in a spa environment by our consummate professionals.

Some of Vitas Hair Studio Hair Extension options are:

  • Mesh Integration 
  • Custom Hair Enhancement Services                        
  • Great Length 100% Human Hair Extensions
  • Full Hair Weaves                                                          
  • Micro Hair Weave                                                        
  • Integration Hair Weave                                               
  • Partial Hair Weaves                                                          
  • Sewn & Bonded Lace Frontals                                     
  • Sew In Hair Weaves                                                        
  • Cranial Prosthesis                                                        
  • Multiple Part Hair Weaves                           
  • Hair Loss Hair Weaves                                      
  • Hair Locs Hair Extensions                                
  • Clip In Hair Extensions                                                  
  • ​Custom Loc Extensions                                              
  • Vitas Hair Studio Crown Integration Method                                         
  • Net Hair Weaves                                                    
  • Lace Frontal Hair Weaves                           
  • Vitas Hair Studio Signature Full Lace Wigs                                                             
  • Chemo Hair Wigs                                                            
  • ​Microchet Hair Extensions                                                      
  • Cancer Patient Hair Units                                         
  • Women’s Hair Replacement                                     
  • Integration Hair Replacement
  • Non-Surgical Hair Replacement
  • Wefted Hair Extensions 
  • Ultra Strands
  • Tape Hair Extensions
  • ​Dream Catchers Hair Extensions 
  • SO CAP Hair Extensions
  • Malaysian Hair Weaving
  • The Swedish Method 
  • Hair Dreams Hair Extensions 
  • Integration Hair Weaves
  • Interlocking Hair Weaves
  • Fusion Hair Extensions
  • ​Ultratress Hair Extensions 
  • Cinderella Hair Extensions
  • Strand By Strand Hair Extensions
  • Micro Link Hair Extensions​​

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