Featured August Client Testimonial

  • Posted on Sep 9, 2019

Hi, my name is Julie, and I want to share my story on how Vita’s Hair Studio came through for me and practically saved my life. It was back in the early 2000s that I was diagnosed with thinning hair. This for anybody is a devastating blow, but to me, it felt like my world ended. I did not know what to do anymore. After speaking with my doctor, I was told to see a hair replacement specialist and there were a couple that were recommended to me.  The ones I went to just didn’t seem like a good fit for me. They did not make use of materials I believed were of good quality and they were also pushy. I just didn’t get a good connection with them. I thought I would have to face the world with thinning hair and an ever-decreasing level of confidence, until my colleague explained to me that there was one place I hadn’t tried. She said Vita’s Hair Studio in Greenbelt, Maryland was the one I should try. She further explained her mother had terminal cancer, needed hair replacement, and Vita’s was kind and sincere with high quality materials, as to look natural no one could tell it was not her real hair. Me being ever the sceptic, I wasn’t quite convinced but I decided I would take a look and get a consultation. When I stepped in for a consultation, I was wowed at just how knowledgeable Vita was. She was able to explain the numerous hair loss services they offered like non-surgical hair replacement and hair extension procedures which were designed to help just about anyone that needed it, for women get the restoration results they wanted. The consultant told me that it didn’t matter the reason for or condition causing the hair loss, anything from hereditary baldness, medical issues, chemotherapy and more, they were able to handle it effectively with their patented replacement system.

I guess it helps that Vita has been helping many women, giving them hair for over 28 years. When it came time to picking out materials for my hair replacement, I was shocked to discover that they make use of the very best soft and pure top-quality human hair, ensuring that it will look amazing when in place. The consultant stated that Vita’s Salon made use of Integration Hair Replacement  also which was designed to make your hair look fuller and longer. Every decision and material that goes into creating the wig is specially customized to fit you. This was music to my ears as I had had enough of having to wear wigs that just didn’t fit right, and other hair measures that didn’t last and of poor materials.

One thing I was conscious about was my privacy, it was one thing to get the very best, it was another to have my business out there. It seems like Vita’s Salon was custom made for me as they ensure that every one of their clients are treated to privacy. All I can say is that I am grateful to my colleague for being introduced to Vita’s Hair Salon in Maryland. They are extremely intentional about meeting the requirements and needs of every hair texture, from wavy hair and curly or coarse to straight long and short hairs. I can truly attest to that their hair replacement and hair extension methods are created under the most medically proven condition.

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