Chemo Hair Extensions


Vita’s Hair Studio our Hair Recovery Specialists are known for high quality Chemo Hair Extensions for both men and women. Our Chemo Hair Extensions are 100% Human Hair and done on hair on our clients hair as short as one inch! Our clients have come from all over the world for our specialized Hair Extensions for Chemo patients. All of the Chemo Hair Extension services at Vita’s Hair Studio are completed in full privacy suites inside of our full service salon with one on one servicing for the duration of the service.



There are over 300 thousand new cases of cancer diagnosed every year. Depending on the type and dosage of chemo patients receive, the hair and skin are dramatically affected, and the side effects range from thinning to total baldness. Hair loss is one of the most emotionally devastating side effects of chemotherapy treatment. Hair loss usually begins after the second round of chemotherapy, but this changes from one person to another. During chemo, the hair follicles remain dormant until treatment has been completed, so no new hair grows in to replace hair that has shed. Hair loss starts becoming visible when over 100 hairs are lost at regular intervals. Chemo Hair Extensions can bring back your confidence, helping you to feel beautiful again.

The benefit of Chemo hair extensions is that you can achieve a healthy head of hair in a small amount of time it would take to grow back naturally. If you prefer hair extensions, it is important that you visit a professional Chemo Hair Extension Specialist. We will discuss with you the type of treatment you experienced and the type of medications you are currently on. Following cancer treatment, hair will often lack in protein and can be vulnerable to breaking. As professional Chemo Hair Extension Specialists, we are able to assess the health of your scalp and test the strength of your hair before deciding whether hair extensions are feasible or not and the type of extension that would work best. At Vita’s Hair Studio, we will also ensure the extensions are not fixed too tight which can lead to shedding and permanent hair loss.

For special hair and beauty services for chemo patients, Vita’s Hair Studio provides several professional and quality hair extensions for both male and female chemo and cancer patients. Some of these services include:

Vita’s Hair Studio 100% Human Hair Medical Grade Chemo Units & Custom Cranial Prosthesis  
If you have 80 to 100% hair loss, most likely during the initial phases of chemotherapy, our 100% Human Hair Custom Enhancement Units are a good option. You can choose one of our premium full coverage custom hair units as they are fully customized to offer the maximum comfort and you can also part them in any direction and style in any way with a completely natural hairline.

Vita’s Hair Studio Sewn-In Chemo Hair Extensions
Sewn-In Chemo Hair extensions are applied quickly and easily without damaging to hair that is at least 1 inch and longer. They are used to extend the hair restore the gorgeous hair you’ve always wanted with premium tangle and shed free 100% Human Hair.

Vita’s Hair Studio Chemo Hair Extensions – Various Customized Methods 
Chemo Hair Extensions – Can be done when the person has at least 1-2 inches of hair. It involves the process of installing keratin Chemo Human Hair Extensions using various methods. The client’s hair is absolutely free from damage because of the absence of waxes, glues or harsh resins in the attachment methods.

Vita’s Hair Studio Chemo Hair Extensions – Tape-In 
If a client has at least 3 inches of healthy strong hair, they can adopt a Chemo Hair Extension – tape-in method to restore the full density of the hair. The extensions help to give the client a natural look and also the desired length.

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