5 Reasons Why You Need To Up Your Glam Game!

  • Posted on Jan 30, 2019

5 Reasons Why You Need To Up Your Glam Game!

Looking good is good business, that we all know. Your overall appearance is what anyone would see first and how you put yourself together speaks volumes. Of course, there would be moments when all you just want to do is just throw on a dress, run a brush through your hair and step out. We all have our ‘off’ days and for whatever reasons this is so, we should remember that putting in a little extra effort is always going to worth the time and energy.

If your glam game is already at 70%, there’s no reason why it can’t be upped to 100%!


5 Reasons Why Your Glam Game needs to be boosted

Being well put together and having a top-notch glam game goes even beyond the physicals and appealing aesthetics. Here are some more reasons why you need to up your glam game.

1.  Confidence booster: You’ve probably come across the “I’m nicer when I like how I look” line and very true for most of us. Looking your best will make you feel good and the better you look, the more in control of things you would be. Looking a 4 when you could be a 9 or 10 would have you extra self-conscious as you’d constantly be wondering what people around you are thinking. Put your best into looking super glammed up and you would be sure to look good, feel good and yes, do good as you would stand taller, have an extra swing in your steps, head held up high and of course, you would feel beautiful.

2. You would appear trustworthy: You might not have seen this coming but believe that it’s the truth. Picture a scenario where you are walking or driving or just in any public place and then you have two different people come up to you for help. One is well dressed and the other, not quite so. Who would you rather pay attention to? Exactly. We humans have been psychologically conditioned to feel safer around, and trust those who appear better. If you appear to always take pride in your appearance, constantly glammed up, people would be more inclined to trust you.

3. You’d always be prepared: For literally anything. Bumping into an old friend? Yes, that. Running into someone  who you haven’t seen in eons and then you can’t converse properly with them because well, you are too self-conscious about your rough hair and bland makeup and maybe a poor choice of clothes and so, you can barely focus on the conversation. We’ve honestly all been there but can we avoid such situations and do better? Definitely.

4. You would be more involved in activities: How many times have you had to be forced to not partake in a group photo or video just because you didn’t look so good? Or had to chicken out of an impromptu presentation or outing just because you didn’t seem to be all glammed up. As already stated, if you don’t look good, you’re not likely to feel good about yourself.

5. Average is boring: Less might be more but why look your average when you can look your best? As cliché as it may sound, you really do have only one life to live so why not up your glam game and live it looking more sophisticated.

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We have to agree with the words of American author, Tony Robbins who says “Nothing tastes as good as looking good feels”. Up your glam game with products and companies such as “Vita’s Hair Studio” and get an extra swing in your steps.

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